I was introduced to Kundalini Yoga by my daughter who lives in Brighton.  I accompanied her to a few sessions and when I returned to Kent I was keen to continue practising.  I was very happy to find Arvind’s classes in Deal and I try to attend these sessions as often as I can.  I find Kundalini Yoga restorative and inspiring.  The combination of spiritual meditative practices with challenging yoga postures is very stimulating.  After one of Arvind’s classes I feel more peaceful and at one with myself.  Arvind has a serene, clear and informative way of teaching and her gentle yet challenging approach is truly beneficial. Pam

Sat Nam Arvind, wow so a week today it has been 6 months since starting Kundalini Yoga, It has been life changing although not always comfortable but the most positive thing I’ve done in my lifetime so far.
Thank you for being my Teacher 🙏
Waheguru! Caroline