“Sadhana literally means ‘discipline’. In the Kundalini Yoga lineage, it is our daily yoga and meditation practice. This can be either a personal practice that you have chosen to commit to (often for 40 days, the length of time to break a habit), or Aquarian Sadhana – the specific 2 ½ hour sadhana given to us by Yogi Bhajan in 1991 to support us to cross consciously into the Age of Aquarius, and to keep up during what he termed the ‘grey period’ that would continue for some decades after the beginning of the Aquarian Age.

Typically, it is recommended that the best hours of practice are between 3:00-7:00 am or 3:00-7:00 pm, because of the specific angle of the sun to the earth during these times. The early hours of the morning are called the amrit vela – a precious time when the veil between the material world and the spiritual world is the most transparent, and when the mind is less active, which makes it easier to be in connection with your soul.

Many Kundalini yogis choose to come together for group sadhana practice, and indeed this is recommended whenever possible as the highest sadhana. There are group sadhanas happening around London and the UK, usually from 5:00-7:30 am, and often with a group breakfast served afterwards. These events are organized by volunteers, and following the principle empty handed you come, empty handed you go, it is recommended to offer a donation for participation.”  (Excerpt from the KYTA website)

We are aiming to hold a monthly Aquarian Sadhana in Deal. If you would like to share this beautiful experience please contact me: for time and dates.



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