About Arvind Kaur

I was introduced to Kundalini Yoga by a very good friend of mine, whilst she was visiting the UK back in April 2011.

I had attended classes of other forms of yoga in my youth, but had quickly decided that yoga was just not for me. However, already after the first sessions, as strange as Kundalini yoga first appeared to me, it really struck a cord. So when my friend left I found myself searching the web for a local class.

Unfortunately there were no Kundalini Yoga classes in Deal, Kent and I had to resort to information available online. I bumped into Jacqui’s review of  Maya Fiennes DVDs on Kundalini yoga to detox and de-stress, which I found very inspiring. As I started practising regularly alongside the DVD, It was not long before I ended up purchasing Mayas complete series: A Journey Through the Chakras.

After a while I felt the need to know more about the discipline and started increasing my knowledge on Kundalini yoga by accessing information available on the Kundalini Research Institute website. and also joined few Spirit Voyage 40 day Global Sadhanas events. Spirit voyage has been a very useful site for its collection of Kundalini Yoga Music and Mantra’s explanation.

In June 2013 by pure chance I was introduced to Reys Vulart Jallow, my first ‘physical’ Kundalini yoga Teacher. I started following her classes twice a week whilst I was living in Banjul (The Gambia). Although the thought of teaching Kundalini Yoga had casually crossed my mind, it was always something that I associated to an ideal life in a dream world, It was only when Reys said: “you should just go and teach” that the penny dropped. Naturally I was very quick at being dismissive by saying that I did not know how to go about finding the right school, especially when there was none around where I lived. To that Reys was just as fast in replying: “when the student is ready, the Teacher will present itself”

I did find my teachers in Ishwara Kaur and Kirpal Singh at the Ik Saran Dhian a School that offers Level 1 and 2 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. Here I am now not only a fully qualified Kundalini Yoga teacher as taught by Yogi Bhajan, but also more than half way through my level 2 teacher training modules.

In my life I have always struggled with knowing my calling, especially having been a very insecure person. Kundalini Yoga as been a blessing on so many levels that I find it difficult to reduce it to few points. It has contributed in making me a more confident person, it has giving me the tools to get to really getting to know myself. It has been a wonderful journey, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.  I thoroughly enjoy my daily practice and I know it keeps bringing  a lot of benefits, even when they do not feel like benefits at all.

I am at the stage of my life where I am ready to share this knowledge with others so that they can also learn to live a more fulfilling life. This human body and its life force is a magical gift that allows us to rediscover the Divine within despite the limiting 5 senses, that allow us to remain perfect with all our imperfections. Life is a journey of discovery, in the words of the  Master: “It is not the life you lead but the courage you bring to it!” and “You deserve a Happy, Holy and Healthy life.” (Yogi Bhajan)


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